Unique Marketing Blueprint

Imagine this: you're an entrepreneur who cares about actually supporting your customers live better lives. You're not able to reach the next level of sales success, make the impact you want to make, and live the lifestyle you want.
You're told by many business coaches that it's because you suck at closing sales. So they teach you how to "overcome objections". You reluctantly learn their techniques but you don't want to be too pushy. You don't want to be yet another "used car salesman". You don't want to be "too much".
Or you're told that it's because your sales copy sucks. But you don't yet have the money to hire a great copywriter. Or you do hire one. And yet sales are still not converting as much as you'd like to.
You're just about ready to tear your hair out (or stuff your emotions in too much ice cream) because you've tried to do everything the self-proclaimed "experts" tell you to do but you're still not converting. (Or it's confusing because they keep contradicting each other or sometimes even themselves).
What if there was an easier way that's deeper that simplifies the sales and marketing process for you by clarifying just one thing? (Without going into oversimplification either. This is "Deep Simplicity").
What if it's all about getting super-clarity on your niche? I know what you're thinking: "I don't want to limit it to only women. Or divorced dads over 40. This can help everyone." Identifying a niche is such a dreadful nerve-racking thing for so many entrepreneurs because of the way it's usually taught. It's no fun! And very inaccurate. Your niche isn't a Millennial. Or a man. It's someone going through a common yet unique story. Someone experiencing a painful emotional rollercoaster as a result of the tug-of-war between an internal struggle and an ever-escalating external problem.
I will eventually charge at least $1000 for this but for a limited time, I am offering this to a select 3 people entrepreneurs for only $200
Get "Your UNIQUE Marketing, Sales and Niche Blueprint" based on your Akashic Business Records and also thousands of hours and years of research on storytelling, emotions and urgency I've done! Click here to make your investment and then click here to schedule your 90-minute session. Make sure it's at least 7 days from now to give you time to look over some eye-opening diagrams and pics I will be sending you.