Soul’s Intent

“I’m eighteen years old; why can’t I tell what I want to do? I hate not knowing! All my friends have summer jobs and college plans — I feel so aimless and anxious. I’m doing everything I can think of but nothing is working. Why can’t I figure it out?” Her voice is tight with concern

Singer-songwriter Jewel had been struggling for weeks to get clear on what she wants to do with her life. She wants her mum to help but she won't help her until she gets clear:

Each time my answer is the same: “When you are very sure what it is you want to do, then I will certainly help. Until then keep your prayers and your focus on connecting deeply with what you feel to be your soul’s purpose at this time.” This only serves to frustrate her further, but it is my sense that Jewel must connect with her soul to understand her next actions. The recent weeks of living in her van have been good for her in many ways, but she does not feel closer to decisions about how to proceed with her life.

“Jewel, I think you are nearer to a breakthrough than it feels to you,” I affirm with an anodyne tone. “There is probably a fear blocking your connection to yourself. I have an idea that may help. Sit quietly, hear the water, feel the sun heating your skin, and experience the salt breath in your lungs; dig your hands into the sand. Close your eyes and know that this is the absolutely right place for you to be in this moment of your life. Then let all the sounds and sensations soften as you slip into the place where all is held in knowingness.

“Imagine yourself seated in an empty auditorium. There is a stage in front of you; it is cloaked with a red velvet curtain. You cannot see behind it. Allow yourself to become more and more curious and excited about what might be on the other side of that curtain. Then, as mischievously as a child, run down the aisle, lift the curtain, and peek behind it.”

After giving this guided meditation that spontaneously came to her through Pure Inspiration, Jewel's mum leaves her to it and takes a walk along the beach...

When she comes back, Jewel is very excited:

She looks up as I sit by her and says with elation, “I know what I want to do — and I know what I am afraid of!”

“This is exciting, Jewel. Tell me. What is it?”

“First,” she says, “the fear is this — what I really want to do is so amazing that I couldn’t bear it if I’m not able to do it.”

“You mean you are afraid of failing?”

“Not exactly, it’s more that it’s so wondrous and so absolutely me that there isn’t anything else I can imagine wanting to do. If I couldn’t do it I wouldn’t care if I lived. So I was afraid to even know about it.” [Can you relate?]

“Well, what is it?” I say, laughing. “Hurry, tell me!”

“I want to sing,” she exults. “I want to sing my own songs. And I want to sing to millions of people.”

The gulls continue to keen, the sun to warm our crowns, the waves to shush themselves on the shore, but the air seems to have a peculiar quality. The moment encases us in portent. We both resonate to a future that palpitates around us. Our hearts acknowledge that a soul chord has been struck.

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Next, Jewel's mum gives her one more task to do before agreeing to help her achieve her dream:

“There’s something you need to do first,” I tell her. “I want you to reflect on why you want to do this. Write your reasons down. All the good reasons, and ‘bad’ reasons, the secret ones, the embarrassing reasons. Contemplate those that come from your ego, your fears, your pain; the ones that seem insignificant and the ones that seem most important and deeply connected to your soul. All of them.

“Be in dialogue with yourself about all the underlying reasons you feel compelled or attracted to this dream. Why do you want to do it? What do you want to accomplish? What do you want out of it, and why? What can you sense that you are hiding from yourself? Be deeply honest. Write it all down and we’ll discuss it.” I leave her and go into my van to make iced tea.

After she leaves and comes back, Jewel tells her mum all the reasons why she wants to fulfill this dream.

Then Jewel asks her:

“Why did you have me do this — write all this down?”

Jewels's mum Lenendra J. Caroll replies:

“At times you will feel so afraid, exhausted, and overwhelmed by the demands, needs, and the agendas of others that you will wonder why on earth you are doing this. There must be a very good answer to that question or your fear, fatigue, and ego needs will beg answers that are destructive to your higher nature. You must have a real answer to why you are doing it — one that keeps you connected to your most authentic self. One that can realign you to your values and serve to remind you of who you most essentially are.”

  • from the book "The Architecture of All Abundance" by Lenedra J. Caroll, mother and manager of Singer-Songwriter Jewel

Just 5 months later, Jewel had a record contract - she was only 18.

Can you relate?

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