I love you, Anger.
You free me from my negative patterns.
You set me free.
You love me more than any other emotion I've ever known.
You care about my Well-Being the most.
You care about the Well-Being of the world.
You are destructive but only when suppressed and misunderstood.
You are destructive in the right way towards the right prison gates when embraced.
You are my torpedo that charges through my prison gates.
You are my bold lock-pick that picks my bolts in just the right way.
You are my Saber that cuts through my Camouflage.
You are my fire that burns down my hut, revealing my Mansion.
You are my portal that protects me from unwelcome penetration.
You are my laser that protects my deepest value.
You are my Octane Fuel that Powers my Rocket-Ship
into the New World.
I love you.
Yours gratefully,
Your Beloved Trembling Co-Creator.
Guilt, thank you for letting me know when I have violated my own values or when my actions are disconnected from my own empathy.
Shame, thank you for letting me sit with how bad it feels to believe in lies about myself so that I can release those lies.
Fear, thank you for giving me the power to finally stop running away from myself and finally face the most difficult parts of me.
Anger, thank you for the enormous energy you provide me to see through bullshit and bullying so that I can skyrocket out of the prison of my own internalized repression from systemic oppression, for reminding me of my own boundaries and for your reminder of what I am born for and the Beauty I am willing to die for. You are the deepest most effective powerful beautiful reminder of my deepest Truth, my deepest Freedom.
And finally, Sadness, thank you for your soothing waters that allow me to let go of fear, sadness, shame, guilt and anger when they have served their Purpose.
I see the Gift of Truth in each one of you.
In Gratitude, Respect, and in Awe of Truth,