Dear Visionary Leader: Overwhelmed with the million things you think you have to do for your visionary business? Exhausted because you think you need to be visible to a million people to make a sale? What if you only needed 3 qualified leads per month? It's about quality, not quantity. Read the following story to learn more...

Deep within my soul whispered this resounding truth that there’s a refreshingly authentic way to embody who and what you truly are. I always knew on a visceral level that I didn’t have to conform or resort to common practices that didn’t resonate with me. This became undeniably obvious at the start of my dating service business when I was coming up with titles for workshops.

I wanted it to be professionally and lucratively successful, while being soulfully aligned and meaningful. I thoughtfully meditated and allowed my creative expression to emerge through me.

I came up with these evocative and compelling titles:

The One & Only Thing the Modern Woman Needs from a Man

The Sexual Energy Secret for Success Almost No One Talks About

How to Get Over Bad Boys, Nice Guys, and Female Drama

I crafted unheard of titles to elicit only the people who I was meant to serve. That's how I made a profit of $2,000 from the only two men who showed up to my first workshop! And it's something we can all do.

By embodying your remarkable legacy, you can simplify your business and 10x your resources. Even more meaningfully, you don't have to do this by practicing traditional online marketing methods. I can help you awaken who and what you really are. This frees you from having to compete against the social media noise and you get to celebrate your unique brilliance waiting to be fully expressed.

When you embody all of who you are, you can attract your "1000 True Fans". These are your true loyal fans who are willing to invest at least $100 a year in your services because they get results, breakthroughs, and experiences only you can uniquely deliver.

I'm passionate about educating online spiritual entrepreneurs to achieve this full embodiment of who you truly are and awaken your true calling by identifying the most aligned process for you, so you and your business can soar like the phoenix.

My Mutual Epiphany Practice teaches my simplified business formula. I have multiple programs that accommodate different pricing tiers to empower you to select the best fitting option because the more aligned you are to the service, the better your results will be!

Here are the 7 ways you can work with me:

Conflicting Parts Integration Laser Coaching - $333 for between 18 minutes and 33 minutes

Discernment Consulting - $500 per hour.

VIP: Alignment Code Mastery - $33,000 Per Year {Only 3 Spots per year available}

Preparation Academy - $1000 for 4 weekly 1-1 sessions. This is Preparation for the VIP Program if you're not yet financially or emotionally ready for the VIP Program. Only 3 spots available for this right now.

Alignment Code Activation - $3000 for 10 weekly 1-1 sessions with me.

Alignment Code Initiation - $1000 for 4 weekly group coaching sessions with me.

 Basic - $333/month {Only 10 spots available}

  • This is a group program that’s a bit more collaborative and connects once a month.

 BONUS OFFER for the  VIP packages includes a 5 hour Virtual VIP Day with me. I help you:

-Clarify your Core Desired Feelings

-Crystallize your Flow Zone, also known as your Super Power

-Get clear on your Zone of Genius

-Identify the Powerful Impact of Your Superpower

After six months of working with me, you’ll experience the "Discover/Create/Be Inspired with Your Mini Idea-Virus": Content that’s so deeply meaningful that it touches over 10 thousand new people in as little as a few days or a even few hours of release.

If you choose the Customized or VIP package, I guarantee this will create REVOLUTIONARY TRANSFORMATION FOR YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS.

If you’re not satisfied for any reason after 30 days, you may cancel at any time. The results you will get could include: 

1. 10x your Resources: What do I mean by resources?  Besides money, there are many types of resources such as Creativity, the Tribes you're a part of, and even alternative currency systems you can become a part of such as digital time banks for example. Click this page here for examples of these systems: I have documented at least 9 different types. So, by going from having access to just one type of currency and exchange into at least 9 more, you will then have access to 10 in total, thus 10x your Resources (and possibly even more). I will teach you how to do this too. This is especially important in a down cycle of your life. Down cycles are as important as Up Cycles because the down cycle is great for creativity, renewal and the prevention of stagnation and burn-out whereas the up-cycle is great for productivity, direction, stability, security, flow and impact.

My powerfully clarifying formula can help you create a more meaningful life that leaves you feeling energized as you alchemize your dreams.

If you’d like to receive a Complimentary Sample of my Mutual Epiphany Practice session before subscribing, click here to get on a Discovery Call (This option only available for those choosing the VIP Option).