The following Masterclasses are now available. Each masterclass is a group class with a minimum of 3 Live attendees. Recordings are available to all those who pay. You don't need to attend live to benefit from this although you will benefit more if you do.

Every time at least 3 to 10 people have signed up, I will send a Doodle link to figure out a time that works for all of us. Doodle is a group scheduling app similar to Calendly but for groups instead of individuals.

There are now 4 Masterclasses available:

  1. Alchemizing the suffering in your Story into Empathy, Compassion, Effectiveness and Meaningful Impact: Discovering your "Narrative Compass".
  2. THE GREATEST DISCOVERY YOU HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THAT PROVIDE HOPE FOR SOLVING THE MASSIVE BIG-SCALE PROBLEMS HUMANITY FACES. This will be a Masterclass on the Relationship between Insight, Mastery, Long-Term Fulfillment and what Joseph Campbell called your "Bliss Station".
  3. Discernment Consulting: How to Differentiate Spiritual Truth from Logical Fallacies, Gaslighting, Spiritual Bypassing and other Bullshit.
  4. Rest in Being:

    Breathing with you, in this moment…taking a deep breath and letting out a big sigh…deep exhale…holding space for your doubts and fears…all your pain and suffering…being a yes to them…while being simultaneously aware you and I are both so much more!

    May your Yes help you melt into the bigger Yes of this moment!

    This…vast Love and Freedom…


    Are you tired? What are you tired of? If you are tired of constantly “working on yourself”, meditating, cleaning your chakras, counting your breaths…more and more work that feeds the mind’s addiction to “doing” and judging you for not doing enough…then this program might just be relief you need…especially the relief from your own self-judgement…

    Spend a few minute every week with me…just…resting…in being…doing…nothing at all…just enjoying each other’s company…letting go of the need to do anything…letting all your thoughts and feelings and stories be okay…exactly as it is…

    All Masterclasses are $99 per person. Make your investment in yourself via Paypal by clicking here.