I've seen it in my DREAMS: Vast magical wonder!

I've experienced it at Contact Improv: playful synergy far bigger than what the mind can conceive on its own.

I've felt it at the Taoist meditation group sometimes: an Ocean of Love and Peace at a depth greater than I do when I meditate alone.

I've been in Awe of it whenever I did the Co-Meditation Co-Creativity sessions: an Infinite Creativity that is as kind as it is empowering, expansive, effective and trasnformative - with real-world results such as beautiful paintings, fucking amazing songs, fun doodles, and deeply moving poetry!

I've marvelled at it whenever I went through the Mutual Epiphany Practice I invented: a Presence that is as sweet and tender as it is spacious and powerful!

I've been lost in total surrender of it in gentle vulnerability whenever I play the noticing game with a parner or friend.

I've been moved deeply when I breathed the Sufi Water Breath with a partner recently.

I've literally tasted it even just by eating something as simple as an orange with total Direct Awake Awareness: it felt like I was eating from both my perspective AND the orange's. So it was DOUBLE the pleasure!

THIS is WHY I do what I do: because I've taken part in, and literally also co-created these microcosms of Heaven, of Home.

These moments of bringing HOME into the physical body AND the social body.

Here's the thing though:

I didn't 'manifest' any of that shit.

We/It did! THROUGH me and AS me.

I didn't create that Reality.

Many people, through the magical synchronicities and synergies of their own connection to their Awakened True Self, to that Presence, that Stillness, that Direct Awake Awareness, that Love, that Inner Freedom, coming together co-created these moments with...


This isn't about YOU or ME.

This is about US.