Coaching on Conflicting Parts Integration

"I was blessed with a session through "Heart Your Launch" with Kundan Chhabra. It was the most magical, deep shifting experience I have ever had.
This man touched my Soul.
Thank you and many Blessings, Kundan!"
- Jennifer L Sprow

Comment below: Which of the following pairs of opposites do you struggle with the most? Out of each pair, which side do you often take?

1. Being with What Is AND Going After your Goals.
2. Self-Connection/Self-Sufficiency AND Connection with Others.
3. Big Picture (The Forest) AND Details (The Trees).
4. Openness AND Clear Boundaries.
5. “You Matter” AND “The MAGNITUDE of your Insignificance is Unfathomable”
6. “The Future is Uncertain” AND “Have a Clear Big Vision”
7. “Listen to Feedback” AND “Listen to your own Vision”.
8. “You’re not doing enough” AND “You’ve done MORE than enough and your contribution is EXTRAORDINARY”.

9. Patience AND Urgency

10. Peace AND Passion

11. Rest AND Work

I am offering laser-coaching sessions to help you resolve each of these paradoxes or conflicting parts - "parts integration". My sessions are normally at $1000 per hour. So these are $333 for 18 minutes to 33 minutes.