Embodied Awareness Programs

LISTEN: Awakening is not the END. It's the BEGINNING.
In addition, there's also such a thing as "non-abiding Awakening" and "abiding Awakening". Very very very few people are in "abiding awakening". Instead, we all go in and out all day long!
Instead, most of us have "glimpses" of "non-abiding" Awakening. These glimpses act as a strong anchor for you forever though! Your life is just not going to be the same even after one pretty strong glimpse!
And then there are 3 stages after that first glimpse (adapted from Adyashanti's model combined with my own original observations):
1. Awakening in the MIND: you no longer identify with your thoughts. Your mind serves you. You no longer serve the mind.
2. Awakening in the HEART/EMOTIONS: you no longer are completely run by the conditioning inside your emotions. Instead, you learn how to separate the conditioning from the message. You get better at this every day.
3. Awakening in the GUT: you're no longer in a state of constant grasping and insatiable hunger. You care more about meaning than momentary pleasure. You're more open to the natural FLOW of life!
Want this glimpse? My Embodied Awareness programs serve just this purpose! Get on it!

There are 3 ways to work with me right now:

  1. Embodied Awareness Virtual VIP Day Monthly Retreats that are 3 hours each: $1000/month (Limited to 5 spots). And now for a limited time: the first 2 people to sign up for this can do so at $500/month. PM me on Facebook to ask about this.
  2. Embodied Awareness Monthly 75-minute 1-1 private sessions: $300/month. (Limited to 10 spots).
  3. Embodied Awareness Group Calls Every Thursday at 6pm starting January 10th, 2019: $100/month (Limited to 20 spots).

Choose from the drop-down menu below and click to sign up:

Embodied Awareness Monthly Program

Also coming soon: Awareness-based monthly membership online course to resolve the different types of anger.

This will be at $27/month.

Additional note: I rarely offer single standalone sessions any more. My pricing is very different for single sessions. If you'd like one, please PM me for more info on Facebook. Thank you!


"Had a lovely embodied awareness session with Kundan Chhabra today. This was a very different awareness & attention practice for me that was like a combination of a guided meditation, spacious & deep restfulness, a fine-tuned “self check in” with my body space, and an energetic self-information exchange. I am feeling very supported & nurtured right now 😊 Link in the comments for those interested in checking out Kundan’s sessions."
Alexandra Pallas

"What a transformative experience Kundan provide me! I felt so cared for and guided as Kundan led my focus around. He also connected so many dots for me. Answering questions I hadn't even asked. Kundan is such a wonderful guide and creates a wonderful pace that led me to an amazing state of peacefulness. I recommend Kundan! Wow! - Wendy Wing

"My experience with Kundan was wonderful! He was extremely flexible and patient as well. Our session was so healing and spacious as I felt present, grounded, and aware. I left feeling more connected to who am I with a feeling of healthy boundaries. Thank you so much for holding space, for your wisdom, and for sharing your gift with me. It was so powerful, you are amazing! :)" - Caitlin Leigh

" I came into the session because I'd been feeling irritation over a period of weeks due to past trauma being triggered and boundary issues. I was not only able to release the tension in my body-mind, but I was also able to see and feel more clearly all the parts of what I was experiencing for what they are. And the embodied awareness tools I was given will be extremely helpful in future circumstances and in processing other emotions as well. The rest of the day I felt much better and less irritable. I highly recommend this service, and working with Kundan! He is a true master of embodied awareness." - Marieke Schwartz