Discernment Consulting

One of my Gifts is to be able differentiate between Truth and Bullshit. I can see all the patterns and connect the dots.

Watch the video below for example:

I have documented all the patterns of manipulation.

Watch the video below:

And instead of demonizing anger, I teach a more healthy view of anger such as my model of the 3 types of anger + 1:

This is actually a KEY component of what I teach.

If you would like consulting on a more healthy view of spirituality without the lies and manipulation or you'd like to get educated on how to detect the different types of manipulation, I now offer consulting on this. This also includes education on the connection between racism, cultural appropriation, marketing, manipulation, modern-day Western spirituality. This is sometimes also known as "New cAge" or "Ultra Spiritual". I sometimes prefer to call it "White Spirituality" because it's the psychological weapon used to uphold systemic racism and White Supremacy. It's what's often used to shut up or even slander BIPOC whenever we voice opposition to racism.

The investment in yourself is a Name Your Price option between either $1000, $500 or $300. (My regular rates for my regular coaching are $1000 per hour).

I am also not even going to bother trying to convince you or persuade you though.

This is the offer. This is the price. Take it or leave it.

Discernment Consulting Choose Your Investment

(You can also opt to contribute $300 for the content on this page or my other content without opting for the consultation. Up to you).

The second option is for you to contribute either $100 OR $200 per month in gratitude for all content I have created in the past that benefited you OR to support my future content. This is similar to Patreon, but I am starting this at $100 because this is more sustainable for me. You may cancel this any time. By doing this, I am not expected to become your employee or be expected to produce anything at all. This is based completely on trust and good faith.