Alternative Currency Systems

“Making money” is about helping create a world where we end the monopoly of a mono-currency and increase/diversify the types of currency we have, such as:

1. Time Banks.
2. Digital Time Banks.
3. Complementary Local Currencies, such as the Baltimore dollar.
4. Growing our own food: both home-gardens and community gardens.
5. Crypto-Currency.
6. Universal Basic Income, including “Circles” which is UBI via Cryptocurrency.
7. Adviser Equity.
8. Tribe Equity.
9. Increasing my Creativity and Earning Potential.

AND, I understand that in the meantime, it’s important to have a good amount of the conventional mono-currency to power and fuel these other forms of currency. But I never lose sight of the larger goal.

And what’s the larger goal once these 9 different types of currency are more mainstream?

That would help create a True Equality, Freedom and Justice for ALL.

Click here to read a more detailed article where I go more in-depth into all this.