Alignment Code

“The Alignment Code – or Why “Cookie-Cutter Spirituality” doesn’t work for Everyone”

I had a client who came to me because he felt that despite working so hard he was still struggling to experience fulfillment. He had confusion and resentment about the people he was supervising and dissatisfying connections with women. He felt a lack of meaningful joy.

He had also tried personal development programs before that still didn’t bring him happiness nor fulfillment. He still felt a wall of fear between him and the people around him.

Well, through working with me, he discovered that part of his “alignment code” was “letting go into the freedom of Being”.

Now, in traditional spirituality, you are told to “clean your chakras” or “meditate on letting go” or “let go of attachments”.

Of course all those are useful too. They have their place. He still meditates of course.

But he found that the biggest difference in his life was to get a motorcycle license, buy a motorbike and ride along the coast every day, while letting go into the Beauty of the Ocean and Nature which allowed him to freely experience his pure being! No one would have guessed that this was the “how” for him, right?

And in traditional New Age spirituality (which is becoming its own religion these days), that might even be judged as “materialism”, “unspiritual” or even “having mid-life crisis”. That might be true for many others who buy a motorcycle because they don’t know what they are doing and they are just following what others are doing. In his case, he knew exactly what he was doing and why.

I have many other stories like that when people re-connect to their “alignment code”. This is why I launched the "Alignment Code Program"

“The Alignment Code  – Discover Meaningful Success and Fulfillment beyond Cookie-Cutter Spirituality”. This is the first step in a 2-step journey with me that will eventually lead to “Alignment Code Mastery - Create Your Timeless Masterpiece that will Make an Impact even 500 years from now.

The Alignment Code consists of many different components such as your Heart Virtue, your unique Super Power, your Deepest Desire, your True Primary Love Language, and more!

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Who is it for?

The Alignment code is for creative coaches, healers, entrepreneurs, artists and those with a desire for more meaningful work.

The Alignment Code consists of:

  1. Your Unique Super Power
  2. Your Deepest True Desire
  3. Your Heart Virtue AKA the number one Value/Virtue you are here to embody that moves you to tears of joy.
  4. The Number One Problem you are here to solve
  5. The Solution to that problem you are here to co-create
  6. Your True Primary Love Language beyond the 5 Love Languages
  7. Your Genius
  8. Reclaiming your Inner Authority
  9. Reclaiming your True Story from the False Limiting Stories: Discovering and Embodying your Narrative Compass into your Nervous System and entire being.