Akashic Records Readings

The word "Akashic Records" comes from the word "Akasha" which means "the 5th Element". It's also known as "Endless Space". Metaphorically, to help the mind understand, it's also known as an Infinite Library with an Infinite Book that contains records of all your past lives and timelines including Soul Vows, Soul Contracts and other Root Causes of all yoru self-sabotaging patterns. It also contains all Wisdom and all Insights. It's like the Ultimate Business Guide and Life Guide.

It comes from Hindu Vedic tradition. Other cultures and religions might have equivalents. For example, in the Bible, there' something called "Book of Life".

How to Release the Soul Vows and Contracts at the Root of your Self-Sabotaging Patterns.

For example, I used to have the Soul Vow, "I will never be inside a structure again." This is why my business was often chaotic with ups and downs. Even when I had a smooth easy structure, I would end up ending the business, or business partners would end up quitting on me, destroying the structure. Structure often felt like a prison.

That's why I didn't even unpack some of my boxes of books even after moving for 3 years. My bedroom partly felt like a warehouse.

But in the first session, I realized that the lesson I needed to learn was that structure is neutral. It can be good or bad. I was tasked with writing everything I thought about structure, and how it could be both good or bad. In the second session, I released this Vow.

After that, I finally bought bookshelves for my room, threw away the boxes, and now I finally feel that I am living in a home! Ironically, I feel more liberated and spacious because this structure is very stabilizing for me actually. I realized that structure doesn't have to be a prison any more! It can be a stabilizing shelter that actually liberates me! Remember that even a house is a structure too! And we need to live in a  structure to protect ourselves from the weather for example!

This is an example of how releasing Soul Vows and Contracts have helped me! Another example is transforming my relationship with God from a punishing fickle parent to a caring kind co-creator and guide within me!

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