Story Sales Training

This is a training I gave to a private group. It's called "Storytelling for Healing: How to take your Sales and Marketing to the next Level by Understanding the Difference Between Story and Oppression".

In this training, you will learn:

  1. The difference between Story and Plot (They are not the same).
  2. What the real story is all about!
  3. The difference between Story and Oppression: why this is so important
  4. The 4 Types of Urgency: How to Use it to find the right Clients for you.
  5. The 4 Types of Response to Urgency
  6. The 3 Levels of Marketing: Why Pain-Point Marketing and Even Pleasure-Based Marketing no longer works. It's time for a whole new kind of Marketing!
  7. Why Story was never about Escaping Reality but about teaching you how to navigate Reality.
  8. How Stories Help us process and understand our Emotions better.
  9. Ninja Storytelling Techniques to be a Better Presenter
  10. Why STORY is key to taking humanity to its next evolution

And so much more! The investment is $497 that includes one hour of private consultation with me. $197 for the recording alone.

Click below to pay:

Next-Level Storytelling Code Sales Training


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