Pioneering Perspectives Friday Feature FB Live Show Episodes

This is a weekly Facebook Live show centering and amplifying the voices of People of Color, bringing you diverse perspectives you normally would not see in the mainstream. (We also intend to raise the standards in the industry by eventually paying all our guests via monetization and revenue-sharing so that viewers don't take their unpaid emotional labor and mental labor for granted although the show itself will always be free to the viewer).

Our viewers are Visionary Change-Makers with a passion for Depth, Innovation and being a Pioneer - even being a contrarian sometimes...

Therefore we carefully curate guests and topics to ensure quality of depth and cutting-edge innovation.

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This page will be updated every week for the week's show topic and guests.

Here are some examples of the many topics we've covered so far:

"Pioneering Innovationgs from Living from the Heart" with Elisheva Herrera.

"6 Types of Intuition" with Dr. Elena Estanol.

"The Role of Anger and Rage in Afrikan Spirituality" with  Nut Tmu-Ankh SaNut of OrgamicLiving.Com

"Copywriting as Coaching" with  Tepsii Thendo Lufuno Tshikororo.

"How to Use Raw Writing to Liberate Your Bloodline & Release Internal Oppression"  with  Leesa Renee Hall

"Collaborative Disagreement: An Innovative Approach for Resolving High-Stakes, Sensitive Issues” with

Last week's (March 16th)'s topic was

"Debunking Myths: You Have to Choose One and Let Go of the Things that You’re Passionate About to Succeed" by Success Coach "Miracles Maria"  with Maria Kathlyn Tan.

This week's topic is "Your Deep Embodied Word as Prayer: How to Transform Words into Power" with Paola Postiglione on Friday March 23rd at 11am PST.

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