Special Offer for Awarepreneurs

I've been inspired with an idea in my meditation this morning that is just for the Awarepreneurs Facebook Group and my own group, Phoenix Awakening.

It comes from these two realizations:

1. When it comes to our relationship with money, the concerns and questions many Awarepreneurs have are actually valid. It's just misdirected towards Money when it's really Currency that is creating so much of the violence, wars and conflicts in the world. The number one issue is that it's a mono-currency system which creates a monopoly of resources. Tis monopoly creates scarcity. This scarcity results in many people fighting for the same resource. This makes it easy to manipulate the population. So the scarcity itself creates a scarcity mindset which creates conflict because it results in so many of us living in fear. This fear results in the behaviors of a cornered dog. And an entire population behaving like this creates a vicious feedback loop. So there's nothing wrong with you. It's the system that is creating the mindset. The book, "New Money for a New World" by Bernard Lietaer, offers a great explanation of all this if you want to learn more.

So the solution is to not only deprogram ourselves from the oppressive programming created by the system itself, but also to start supporting alternative currency systems such as time banks, digital time banks and complementary local currencies. We need both inner work and outer systemic change. This stance is the number one thing missing from many "money mindset" teachings.

2. Because I am committed to sales through creating a social context of Good Will, Nurturance, Trust, Alignment, and Results in Advance, instead of Persuasion, I can't offer anything below $333, unless what I offer creates even more Good Will and Trust in my audience. This is because it takes a whole of emotional labor and intellectual labor to take this stance. So I need to be fully resourced too to make this possible.

And so, this is the idea that came to me:

Create a book study group and group coaching program that studies the following 3 books:

1. "New Money for a New World" by Bernard Lietaer

2. "The Last Safe Investment: Spending Now to Increase your True Wealth Forever" by Bryan Franklin and Michael Ellsberg.

3. "Money: From Fear to Love - Using the Enneagram to Create Wealth, Prosperity, and Love" by Margaret Smith.

I love this book because:

"Most money guides offer a one-size-fits-all solution to money. This book takes a more personal approach, drawing on your Enneagram personality traits to identify which money solution best suits you. You’ll discover why you don’t do what’s best for you, pinpoint the money challenges that hold you back and block you from living to your highest potential."

I want to offer the book study for free and the group coaching on a Pay What You Can basis as long as the group is willing to have the coaching be done via Facebook Live. Here are the reasons for this:

1. I want more people to read these 3 books because I think these 3 books are important keys to co-creating that more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. By having the coaching be public, we will have even more people become aware of these books.

2. This is more selfish, I must admit. As I stated earlier, I am commited to sales and marketing through creating a social context of Good, Nurturance, Trust and Alignment. This takes up a lot of energy and time. And I am aiming for only a small amount of people to become clients: depth rather than breadth or mass popularity. And so to be fully resourced, every offer needs to have a minimum price of $333 unless it's part of an inspired temporary funnel or project. However, if it helps create even more Good Will and Trust, I can offer it for less.

3. Those who watch the Facebook Live videos can also benefit by following along if they happen to have the same issues. Thus we get to help more people with less time and less emotional labor on my end.

Of course, because it IS public, I would suggest every time to only share what you're comfortable sharing. And yes, it won't be as effective as a private 1-1 session with me, but it would still benefit immensely. I've done it before - and it benefited the participant greatly. And everyone who watched it.

This is my way of giving back to this community that has given me so much in terms of inspiration and support such as the research interviews I did through this group. That said, I can take in only a maximum of 10 people for this.

I am curious about what you think of this model. If it's successful, I could offer this in similar groups that deeply care about both inner and outer transformation. There are actually very few groups like this unfortunately.

If you're interested, please PM me on Facebook.

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