Pre-Enrollment and Enrollment Questions

Pre Enrollment Questions:

Next what's important are the questions you ask in your Enrollment Conversation application form. These are the questions to ask. Remember, this is all about what Robert Cialdini calls "Pre-Suasion" (Full disclosure: I haven't read the book but watched an interview with him). So, it's about setting up the context prior to the conversation:


  1. In which area of your life is the challenge so much higher than your skill to cope with it that it stresses you out, causing anxiety,etc.? What do you feel about it? And why now? Provide your Skype ID for the call. Mine: Kundan.Chhabra1 Thank you.
  2. Do you have capital or a budget to invest in your education? "Yes I do. I have: 1. $1000 to $5000 2. $5000+" Choose one. (Minimum Investment of $1000 required to work 1-1 long-term with me. Are you prepared for this?).
  3. When was the last time you were resourceful enough to come up with the creative financing for something you knew you wanted but you initially thought you didn't have the money? Tell us about it. (This is the most important question to ask because whereas some people genuinely don't have money nor access to it, others have better priorities. This sets people up to stretch towards their edge but not go beyond it).
  4. “Do you have family members who are role models for business success?” “What’s the most money you’ve made in your life?”



Enrollment Conversation Questions:

Next are the questions I ask people in the enrollment conversation, although in most cases these days most of these questions are not even needed in terms of making the sale. These questions are more for me to determine if I even want to work with them - and it helps widen the conversation from just a context about helping them with their personal crisis into a broader conversation about their Vison for a better world, and their role as the Hero in that Story.


In other words, I am really taking them through a version of Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey:

I also take them through the Hero's Journey and so I ask:


  1. What breaks your Heart about the world?


  1. What about the world brings about your Sacred Rage?


  1. What's your Vision of a better world?


  1. What's your role in co-creating that Vision?


  1. What do you think is my role in helping you fulfill this?


  1. What's at stake if you don't do this?


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