Your Super Power

Your “Super Power” is your “Flow Zone”, that thing you do effortlessly and enjoyably that only recharges you the more you do it, instead of draining you like everything else. It’s what puts you in the right flow state where the ratio between your challenge and your skill to cope with it is optimized for Flow. This is why I consider this to be even higher than Gay Hendrick’s “Zone of Genius” among the 4 Zones of Incompetence, Competence, Excellence and Genius he mentioned in his book “The Big Leap”.


And remember the 80/20 rule? That 80% of your results come from only 20% of your efforts. Well, there is something even better called the “64:4 rule” which states that 64% of your results in your life come from only 4% of your efforts. The question then is: which 4%? Well, I venture to say that it’s the 4% you’re immersed in your Super Power in service of your “Heart Virtue” which is your deepest Why, your deepest ‘Virtue’ you’re born for, born with, and the only thing you’re willing to die for.


Here’s the amazing thing: 4% of 24 hours in a day is 1 hour. So, just 1 hour immersed in your Super Power can create 64% of the results in your life! In fact, 2 hours a day can create all the results. The question is how: you direct it towards creating relevant content for the community you’re born to serve and the number one problem you’re here to solve: and that’s how you also develop your Genius and become known as a Genius in your field. Then the community you’re born to serve, your “1000 True Fans”, beat a path to your door.  Your True Fans are your people who will buy everything you make and willing to spend at least $100 a year in your offers: that’s $100,000 a year, a good living).


So then it becomes just a question of giving several options to work with me and helping them decide which option is best. (And it's NOT about selling the highest-priced option either. I take them through the Mutual Epiphany Practice I invented that helps them decide what's truly best for THEM.


I used to call the Super Power your "Greatest Gift". Then I realized it's so much more and that it ties in with several other models:
1. It's your "Flow Zone" even higher than the 4 Zones Gay Hendricks described in "The Big Leap": Genius, Excellence, Competence and Incompetence.
2. It's your Flow Zone because it's the merging point of Being and Doing. It's more like 80% being and 20% doing. So whereas everything else you do will eventually drain you, your Super Power only recharges you and energizes you the more you do it.
3. Beyond the 80/20 rule, there is something called the 64:4 rule: 64% of the results in your life come from only 4% of your efforts. The question is: which 4%? I venture to say it's the 4% you're fully engaged and immersed in your Super Power.
4. It's also your True Primary Love Language even beyond the 5 Love Languages: because it's actually how you most want to be loved. It's the Greatest Gift you've longed for from other people all your life. The "tragedy" is that other can't give this to you because they have their own Gift to give to you. So, we spend all our lives giving to get which creates more suffering. So the key is to give it to ourselves and then let it radiate it out from inside....
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