Relationship Fulfillment Online Workshop

You've joined our FB Live series and the online webinar. So you already know what to do. Click the Paypal Button below to sign up for the online Zoom workshop.

Date: We have decided to make a change to the date. We are accepting only 5 people to this workshop. Therefore, we will choose a time that works for everyone. Right now, the tentative time is next Saturday December 16th at 10am PST. It's a 2-hour workshop. If we need to, we will send everyone a Doodle form to fill out which is a group scheduling app that makes scheduling for groups very easy. But for now, most likely, Saturday December 16 at 10am PST is the most likely date that works for everyone.

This will be a live energy reading of what's blocking your connection with others. And then a guided meditation, sound and movement session to help you dissolve these blocks.

Investment in your:  Name Your Price. Pay either $33 OR Pay $333 as a way to pay it forward for everyone else. Click the drop down menu below to choose. Sending you so much love no matter what you do.>>>

Relationship Fulfillment Webinar: Name Your Price

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