Why Having More Money Isn’t Always the Right Answer Right Now.

"When Jewel's first album became successful, money began to pour into our coffers. The mounting sales and touring augured even greater fincancial success to come. Many in the music industry criticized me for not capitalizing more fully on this.

"Get more merchandise out there", they said. "Do some endorsement deals. You are missing big opportunities; you could be raking in a lot of money."

"I knew that quantum growth can capsize an endeavor. It was not time to make more money. It was time to pause, manage thoughtfully, and create larger containers. I formed a financial team with the expertise to handle this new level of abundance. I educated Jewel and myself to the new situation. Systems were put in place and a plan laid out to assure her financial security and to allow for expansion.

We were not planning for a rapacious gold rush career devised to make as much money as possible while we could. We were planning for a long-term career to serve artistic development and humanitarian goals. We revisited our goals and questioned what we wanted to do with our money. We established the channels it would move along, and by what means.

And, as importantly, we paused to understand ourselves in relationships to the new abundance.

A truly beautiful and expert system was created with very large buckets and we began to watch them fill with delight."

- Lenedra J. Carroll, "The Architecture of All Abundance". Caroll is the mother of Singer-Songwriter Jewel. She was also her manager.

After reading this passage, and another passage in the book which was about the importance of asking the right questions, I came up with the following questions for myself:

1. What's the best question to ask today?

2. How can I build better systems and larger stronger containers for more stability and a sense of enoughness, security and flow when I do have more money and resources?

3. What are these better systems and larger stronger containers?

4. What's the system that best connects me to my 'StillPoint'? Your 'Stillpoint' is your Center.

5. How can I have more 'tribal intimacy' and community support in my life?

6. How do I increase my Happiness Exchange Rate?

7. How do I build better systems and larger containers for more Money, Wisdom, Creativity, Love, Joy, Peace, Ease, Trust, Power, Stability, Freedom, Fulfillment, Synergy, Communion, Community, and other resources?

Feel free to ask your own question or answer these questions in the comment below.

Tip: Write them down in your journal. Then forget about it and take a walk for about 30 minutes to an hour. Then come back. The answers would flow more easily this way.

Kundan Chhabra
Meditation Mentor and Destiny Incubator for
Simplified Business, Remarkable Legacy and Fulfilling Intimacy.

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