If you feel weird about Money

"If you feel weird about money - you have good reason to! Contrary to popular money coach talk, it's not your "negative thinking" that has you feeling ick when you think about money. It's a pretty rational response to a messed up system.

At the moment we only know money in the context of capitalism. Money and capitalism are not the same thing, but most of our weird feelings about money come from the system we experience it in.

Here are ten reasons you might feel weird about money.

1. We don’t understand it. Money controls a huge amount of what our lives consist of, but for most people, we’re not taught about it in school, and it remains a mystery. Literally what it is, how the financial systems work, and how they developed are not understood. So something having this much power in our lives that we don’t understand? Yeah, it makes us feel weird about it.

2. The myth of meritocracy. Ah. Meritocracy. The idea that society is organized in such a way that people are rewarded on merit. This fucks with us firstly because it’s simply not true. Class, race, gender, ability all play a huge factor in whether we have our needs met or not. Being told we live in a meritocracy is a form of gas lighting. The message is that if you don’t have what you need to be well, it’s your fault. This is financial victim blaming. Secondly - why should people be rewarded on merit anyway? If some people’s contributions are said to have merit and some not, this will always lead to deadly inequality.

3. Money is created by turning things that weren't previously commodities into commodities (natural resources, creative labor, care). There is a limit to this, and we are seeing intersecting ecological financial and social crises because of it. That's intense.

4. Poverty causes trauma. If we feel insecure about our money it literally affects our ability to feel safe in the world. Undoing and healing this is a big job. We can’t just decide that “money is energy” and it’s neutral and now everything is going to be ok. It takes systemic change and somatic healing.

5. We learn early on that we should choose between “doing what we love” and making money. We are told that there “is no money” in the things we love to do, setting us to either be "irresponsible", or do something soul crushing “for money”. We see people doing destructive things like investment banking and getting paid a lot, and people creating art we love and getting next to nothing. How's that for a recipe for resentment?

6. I believe humans are naturally generous. I believe we have an innate desire to contribute to each others wellbeing. We live in a system that produces scarcity. That makes it scary to give away what you have, for fear of not having enough yourself, and your wellbeing being cast into doubt. This panic of scarcity interrupts the natural flow of generosity, and affects our most intimate relationships. Of course it’s hard to feel positive about that!

7. Capitalism deliberately teaches you to feel unworthy of having your needs met. If everyone felt truly worthy of having their needs met, there would be a revolution by morning. We are subdued and controlled by stories of not-enoughness.

8. The current system of distribution is based on the enclosure, objectification and privatization of land and bodies. Slavery, colonialism, and the exploitation of the earth is what has created a lot of the value of money. That is no fucking joke.

9. How much we have affects who we are. In our culture more money gives us more power, and we have not been taught how to hold power well. This often makes rich people act unethically and can make making more money subconsciously undesirable. And not having enough money to have our needs met is often traumatizing and incredibly disempowering. It shapes us. In an individualist culture where we are each not held in community, making more or less money than our families or peers can be confusing and isolating.

10. The system is brutal. People literally die every day for not having enough of it, and millions more are living lives they don’t enjoy because of something related to it. What’s to like?

I could honestly write a hundred more of these but you get the idea! Your money issues are rooted in reality."

- Sophie Macklin

Technically speaking of course, it's really our current debt-based fiat mono-currency monopoly that's causing most of these problems. You probably don't know what the hell I just meant - which speaks to point Number 1 in this post.

I highly recommend "New Money for a New World" by Bernard Lietaer to educate yourself on this.

These are the reasons why we desperately need new currency systems instead of just shoving it under "money blocks" and "money is just energy".

See my post on the 9 different types of currency systems being formed which is very exciting! >>>

Someone asked recently:
"What is the super exciting reason that makes you want to make money?⠀

I want to know. Comment below. "

Here's my response:

"For me, "making money" isn't just for me. And it isn't just about increasing the conventional mono-currency I have.

"Making money" is about helping create a world where we end the monopoly of a mono-currency and increase/diversify the types of currency we have, such as:

1. Time Banks.
2. Digital Time Banks.
3. Complementary Local Currencies, such as the Baltimore dollar.
4. Growing our own food: both home-gardens and community gardens.
5. Crypto-Currency.
6. Universal Basic Income, including "Circles" which is UBI via Cryptocurrency.
7. Adviser Equity.
8. Tribe Equity.
9. Increasing my Creativity and Earning Potential.

AND, I understand that in the meantime, it's important to have a good amount of the conventional mono-currency to power and fuel these other forms of currency. But I never lose sight of the larger goal.

And what's the larger goal once these 9 different types of currency are more mainstream?

That would help create a True Equality, Freedom and Justice for ALL.

The thing that excites me the most about that is co-creating a new type of community that I refer to as "Stillness/Presence/Awareness AS Community" that is neither too conformist nor too individualistic but actually creates a beautiful synergy between the individual and the community resulting in a Blossoming Communion and Mutual Spacious Intimacy. "

- Kundan Chhabra
Meditation Mentor and Destiny Incubator for
Simplified Business, Remarkable Legacy and Fulfilling Intimacy

Kundan Chhabra
Meditation Mentor and Destiny Incubator for
Simplified Business, Remarkable Legacy and Fulfilling Intimacy

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