How to Gain CLARITY and AUTONOMY: Regarding what to do when you feel OVERWHELMED.

Fires, Hurricanes and Floods happening globally this week. A lot of people suffering. If you're an empath feeling it all, and not being able to differentiate between your emotions and other people's, I recommend the following practice:
1. Push your palms out while repeating the following statements:
"I am not you. I am me."
"I see you. I feel me."
Here's a video-demo of this. >>>
2. Next, hug yourself and embrace all emotions you're feeling.
3. Then put your hands down and do this Advanced version of a Tibetan Compassionate breathing practice:
Breathe into your heart all the way into the Awake Awareness behind your back supporting you:
"Awake Awareness literally has my back."
Then breathe that support out into your visualization of a person in the floods or the fires. Breathe it all the way into the Awake Awareness behind their backs supporting them. Then breathe it back into their suffering. Bring it into your own breath. And again, breathe it all the way back into the Awake Awareness behind your Heart. Breathe back out into the Awake Awareness behind their Heart too.
Repeat as needed.
4. Now sit still for at least 40 minutes.
5. Then ask: "What can I do? How can I help?"
Maybe your role is to donate. Maybe it's to volunteer. Or maybe something else.
Let your Natural Wisdom and Inner Knowing naturally, freely, emerge...

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