From my Public Journal from December 11th, 2016:


I was walking home today when I suddenly felt a sharp pain on my right side below my elbow.

It increasingly became unbearable.

So I sat down when I saw a bench, put down my stuff and took off my top layers of clothing.

Then I connected the strong supported part of me with the part of my body that was feeling the pain.

I simply held it in the embrace of the strong supported part of me.

I did not try to change, fix it or even 'heal' it. I was simply there for it.

Then I asked it, "What do you want?"

Then I saw a monster inside my side with sharp claws clawing my body.

So I asked the monster, "What do you want? What would you like?"

It answered. I simply held it in the embrace of the Light too. Then I asked the monster again, "What do you really really want?"

It answered, "Actually, I just want to disappear."

So I said, "Well then! Disappear!"

And so it did. It disappeared back into the Light...

And with it, the pain too disappeared...

THIS is why I no longer do much stuff that I used to do such as removing subconscious limiting beliefs, negative programming, etc.

That's because there is usually deeper shit going on...

That's also probably why, increasingly, my clients and peers are calling me a "Shaman" even though I don't particularly identify with that word as I don't really know what a Shaman IS...

All I am really doing is sit with you and be there for you...just like I decided to simply be there for my pain...sit with there for myself...

I am here for you. In my Presence, you are completely free to BE exactly the way you are. I love you.

I didn't get to this place alone. I had a lot of mentors who helped me acquire the tools and resources to battle my own demons. Every Hero who has gone on such a Hero's Journey has had a mentor: Look at Star Wars or the Matrix or Harry Potter for example.

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